There are more than just drones that can have an issue. We also cover a wide variety of drone accessories.


We offer a large selection of drone protection plans for your consumer drones. Ensure you are protected.


When making a large purchase on that expensive enterprise-grade drone, we cover you with select plans to move to that next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

CertaDrone sets the bar for drone protection plans. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still have a question please feel free to connect with us.

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01. Who pays for shipping when I submit a claim?

CertaDrone will pay for shipping back to you; you are responsible for paying the shipping expenses to CertaDrone.

02.Do you service a particular geographic area?

We are located in Binghamton NY and Pittsburgh PA. However, our clients are from all across the USA.

03. I was flying and hit a tree next to my pool and it fell in, am I covered?

Absolutely. If possible please rinse with fresh water, drain, let dry, and ship it to us.

04.How many times can I use the protection plan?

There is no limit as long as your subscription is active.

05. What is the turnaround time?

Your aircraft will be diagnosed within 72 business hours of us receiving it. Then it will be repaired or replaced and shipped back out within fourteen (14) business days.

06. Does the protection plan cover the remote control?

To keep costs lower the primary plan does not cover the controller. CertaDrone does, however, offer an additional controller coverage plan.

07. How does the repair process work?
File Claim

Login to your CertaDrone account and file a claim. It only takes a couple of minutes. You can even use your mobile device.

Print Your Shipping Details

You will receive shipping details within 24 business hours. Note that shipping costs to CertaDrone are your responsibility, while CertaDrone will pay for the shipping of your repaired or replaced drone to you.

Track Your Repair

All repairs will be tracked using your CertaDrone dashboard.  This dashboard will show you that your drone has been received and which status of repair it is in.  When your drone is repaired you will get a notification that it is shipping out to you.